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Installation Help

How to Install Wall and Ceiling Panels

All our wall, ceiling and flooring panel products are quite simple to install for a DIY or professional.

Here are fitting guides for our main products; have a look through them but please contact us if you have any questions before, during or even after the installation.

If you are not confident enough do do the work yourself then any competent joiner or plumber can do the installation.


Aquaclad Fitting Instructions for wall and ceiling panels 8/10mm thickness and 250mm width

 Aquabord Fitting Instructions for panels 10mm thickness 1000/1200mm width





Proclad Shower Fitting Instructions (Part 1) for panels 2.5mm thickness 1220mm width

Proclad shower Fitting Instructions (Part 2) for panels 2.5mm thickness 1220mm width

Aquafloor waterproof flooring fitting guide


Here is a short video of how to fit the Cladseal strip for waterproofing the bottom edge.